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The End

Today marks the end of the Greatest CPPS Army to have ever existed.

The Club Penguin Pirates Army is officially closing its doors, for now.

There is a possibility of the Army returning if a substantial CPPS is created (Like CPO) – however, this is very unlikely.

I brought the Pirate Army back in 2018 with the Ambitions of making it the #1 Army, maxing sizes of 45-50 at most, I never anticipated it to become the Biggest & the Best Army, I never anticipated or expected it to max sizes of 150-180 on a daily basis. With the help of CPO and many loyal troops, we dominated armies for two years, winning multiple tournaments and awards. We returned in August 2018 and within two weeks of our return, we defeated the Rebel Penguin Federation in a war and dethroned them. Following their move from CPO, they were never the same. We ultimately killed the RPF which was once so legendary but turned out to be so weak. This would be one of our greatest feats.

Over the course of two years, we asserted our dominance by being the #1 army on countless Top Tens, defeated armies like the Templars, the Help Force, the Elite Guardians and won two tournaments, the Christmas Chaos & the Summer Bash before merging into the Dark Warriors & winning the 2019 Christmas Chaos. It definitely has been one amazing journey and we have proven countless times how we were the #1 and the Greatest Army to have existed following Club Penguin’s closure.

Today is a sad day, however, it was inevitable. I did not want the Pirates to run on any CPPS after Club Penguin Online’s closure but due to the overwhelming amount of people that didn’t want to let it close, we continued on and did our best in the Cup before being kicked out by fake & false allegations from haters who have disliked us for many years, there was not much that we could do, however, we would have won the tournament, we all know this.

I would do one of those full history posts, however, I wrote one last September, it can be found below.


Instead, I would like to thank all of my Pirate Staff members, Bucky, Twaseen, Romeo, Sacha, September, Lea, Nat, NewNickie, Roxie, Snebbi, Rain, Bread, Caramel, Fuzz, HeuRemi, Ludwing, Vita, Rain, Assaf, Asapzyzz, Corn, Cyn, Frostty7, Mac, Maurox, Pigasus, Trololisa, Sophie & Aly. Without everyone listed above, the Pirates simply would not be as big or as fun as it was. Without these guys, the army would not have functioned. On multiple occasions I was unable to attend events or I was unable to assist the army but I knew I could always count on my loyal staff & friends to continue running the army in my absence. Over the last few months, this is why our army has been such a powerhouse and has still been running. On multiple occasions I wanted to close things down but these guys simply would not let me. Their dedication & loyalty is simply unmatched and I commend them and thank them for absolutely everything they have done with this army, all of them have been here from start to finish.

Special shoutout to Prince B, Blaze & Reacon for joining over the last few weeks and assisting us in our journey, it was good to lead with my close friends once again before my departure. We led the Redemption Force for a short amount of time and we also dominated whilst running that army too. True legends.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who was ever a part of this army whether it was on CPO, CPR, CPATG or even prior to Club Penguin’s Closure. Without the Pirates that joined and attended events day in and day out, we would not have existed, simple as. The amount of people that put up with me shouting orders during events and using text to speech & pings even the ones that complained, I thank you all for staying from start to finish and being loyal followers of mine. You guys are genuinely the best and I wish everyone the very best of luck in their futures. Loyalty is everything. Remember that.

Finally, I wish everyone that is still a part of this community the very best of luck in everything. I amn’t sure how things will play out as Disney is still actively DMCA’ing CP Private Servers by the looks of things and without a huge CPPS like CPO, I can’t see things being as great as they were, but I’m sure if people returned in the months to come, the community would still somehow be alive. The people of the army community always find a way through. Eventually we will all move on though, and some day the community will cease to exist however, the memories and pictures will always exist. It has been amazing.

Well, it’s been some ride. A ride that has lasted for a very long time and a ride that has been both very fun and memorable. We made history and inserted ourselves as the Greatest CPPS Army to have ever existed. No one can say otherwise.

For the last time,

Walk the Plank.

-Epic101, Pirates Re-creator & Legend.

@anyone that thinks they are going to bring back a bootleg pirates:

The Pirates will NEVER return without my permission. Not on any platform, this includes box critters or any other game.

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Legends Cup X: Round 02 [Results]

Ahoy me mateys!

Today we battled against the Crimson Guardians of the tournament to move onto round 03. We did better than I thought we would do since our event last time flopped. Good job me mateys! Hope to see you soon tomorrow’s event!

MAX: 77

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Clubpenguin Pirates

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Operation: APPLES [Results]


Today, we invaded the island as Apples. Looking forward for everyone to go to Legends Cup Tournament.

MAX 60+

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Legends Cup X Round 01: RESULTS

Ahoy Me Mateys!

Today we finna no cap this win, we beat the yellow warriors WOO HOO but no show up… For the hard work, we gave two days off. I hope to see everyone one Operation: APPLES!

MAX 75

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Legends Cup Training

Ahoy Pirates!

Today we logged on to train and prepare for the huge legends cup battle that we have tomorrow, we managed to max sizes of 80 at this training session. Our tactics & formations were superb, let’s keep this up and bring it into tomorrow!

Max Size: 80

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Week In Review [24/05/20 – 30/05/20]

This is our official Week-In-Review for the Week 24th of May 2020 – 30th of May 2020.

Requested Top Ten Picture:

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OPERATION: Red [Results]

Ahoy everyone! Today we invaded the island by wearing any red outfits.


MAX: 70

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OPERATION: Bing Bong [Results]

Hello pirates! Since the war is over and the other two invasions were invalid. The pirate crew wanted to make a Bing Bong event for fun because we don’t want to be boring. But anyways, see you at Operation Red!

MAX Size: 80

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