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The Black Alliance is coming for you

Note: Want to join the Black Alliance? Contact Waterkid/Mach/Darth/Coolster/Kamakazee

As Antant and Burrito made a post about the current upcoming war, I am forced to make one myself.

First, I am going to tell you what the Black Alliance true purpose is. Our purpose is to bring Club Penguin armies out of their misery. Currently, Nachos, Army Republic, Army of Club Penguin and Ice Warriors are currently dictating warfare as we know it. You may not see, but it is everywhere. When there’s a growing army, such as Dark Warriors or Shadow Troops, The Alliance see’s this as a threat. They do not want these armies to be the new top 5 armies, therefore banding The Alliance and securing their places in the Top 10 and remaining as the dominant armies in club penguin warfare. In November, everyone was saying Pirates, Light Troops and SWAT are going to be the new ACP, Nachos and IW. It was true, we were all getting sizes of 25+, and SWAT was getting 35+ along with the Light Troops. However The Alliance didn’t like this, causing World War 6. This war damaged a lot, since we weren’t really prepared and SWAT fell and I retired from Pirates. Light Troops were alone, and had to give up.

However, this will not happen in the upcoming war. We, the Black Alliance, has future plans on securing our mission of freeing club penguin armies from the dictatorship from The Alliance. We will not rest until our dreams are put to a reality. Even if we have to go through 1 world war and a upcoming world war, we will still fight for our freedom. It is about time for The Alliance to get what they truly deserve, 2013 will be the year of justice, the year that everyone in years to come remember how the Black Alliance was looked down upon, but conquered and defeated The Alliance. You may have sent spies, but those weren’t our real plans. We aren’t stupid enough to do that, you will see our true plans very soon.

Army troops and army leaders reading this. You know it is true about the Nachos, Ice Warriors and ACP hogging all the glory of armies. We’re always looked down upon, people make up lies saying without ACP armies will die. The Black Alliance will not tolerate this no more. Armies will be better without The Alliance dictating us. Do not believe in the lies The Alliance is saying on their sites. You know they have been hogging power for the past years, and you saw us attempting to stop this act and put an end to it. Army leaders, if you’re reading this, you know the right thing to do is side with the Black Alliance, and bring change to Club Penguin Warfare and hope to new armies. Do not be fooled by The Alliance armies. They may have big armies with them, but that doesn’t mean they are the right side. We must all band together and overthrow The Alliance and remove them from their power of running Club Penguin armies and pushing us around.

This is also a warning to the ACP. No matter how many allies you have, we will make sure the Army of Club Penguin will suffer in all possible ways. We will make sure you will be left crushed. We will make sure your troops will have no hope in your army. We will make sure you are on the verge of dying, heck, you might even be so close to death even Camplazlo will join us. You may be laughing at us while you’re reading this, but in a month or so,

 The Black Alliance will be having the last laugh.

 || The Black Alliance Is Coming For You ||

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  1. 1st. and wtf? As I was reading the 1st part. with you saying acp is felling threatend by dw as number 1! I call bs!!!!! acp is fine with it!!!!!!! YOU LIE!!!!! GO TO HELL WATERKID!!!!! GO TO F**ING HELL!!!!!!

  2. I Swimmerboy01, the new SWAT Leader withdrawal the Special Weapons and Tactics Army of Club Penguin from the Black Alliance. That is all

  3. there is always gonna be world powers. your just asshurt thats your not leading them.

  4. BA wont even last a week (wary)

  5. How can ACP be dictating armies when they are 5th in the top ten? So far armies are pretty much even as the top 4 get 30-40 while DW gets 45-50. Also, your last sentence where you say Black Alliance is making its last laugh, you just dissed yourself as in BA will be killed and you WILL be having your last laugh 😀

    • You don’t understand the term ”we will have the last laugh” don’t you? You idiotic 12 year old brat. pls leaf.

      • If I happened to use the term in the incorrect context, then please tell me how I should’ve used it. Also, I don’t release anger on my troops because I didn’t get my mac because my dad is getting me one by this Friday.

      • Lol you called your parents as idiots on chat and said that this Christmas was the worst one ever, since you didn’t get you mac. Also, I am not fond of explaining grammar to older people than me, however it doesn’t surprise me if you stayed back 2 grades. By saying BA will have their last laugh you are actually saying that either BA will have a pounding from the Alliance or BA will be dead, therefore unable to laugh. Now has your brain sucked it it? Or did you forget it at the hospital after you were born?

      • You idiot. When I say ”the black alliance will have the last laugh” I am meaning that we will be the ones laughing at The Alliance as we have defeated them in the war, anyone could’ve understood that you dumbass ragequitter.

      • You used the sentence in the present term, meaning you aren’t having your last laugh in the future, but right now, which as I explained before to a pea brain like you, disses the BA and yourself. Also, give me some proof that I rage quitted lol. PS: rage quit is two words. And a rebellion isn’t a rage quit, in fact it is the action to change the leadership of a nation. Man you are learning a lot from me aren’t you 6th grader?

      • ”And a rebellion isn’t a rage quit, in fact it is the action to change the leadership of a nation.” Yeah, you really changed the Pirates leadership didn’t you? and what the hell is a 6th grader, I’m not American, I’m British. Why don’t you carry on eating snails and frog legs rather than trying to prove you’re smarter than me.

      • And I said the black alliance WILL be having the last laugh, meaning we WILL be the ones laughing at The Alliance in the future, idiot.

      • Calls me an idiot when he’s the one taking lessons from me (facepalm)

      • I’ll take monnyman’s place here. BURN!!!!

  6. || The Black Alliance Is Coming For You ||

  7. || The Fruit Alliance Is Coming For You ||

    Teehee :3

  8. I considered giving your ideas a chance. Unfortunately, you’re backing your ideas with desperate and unfounded hatred that stems from your constant struggle of “not being good enough.” Get over the anti-establishment complex and fight this war for the real reason you want to fight it. Because you want power. Not because the people at the top are corrupt.

    Your attempts at deception leave me unable to trust you. The Nacho Empire will bring you down.

    • If we want ”power”, then you’re basically saying The Alliance is actually dictating armies and taking all the power from us.

      • You sound like an extremely entitled member of Occupy Wall Street.

        You do not create an army expecting power to be given to you. YOU GAIN POWER. Large armies only have a monopoly on power because they’ve earned it through years of victory in war. You have every right to challenge that and gain power. What I don’t support is YOU calling these armies evil dictators for simply enjoying the fruits of their labor. It takes time to gain that power, and it will take more than a war of deception to reverse the balance of power in Club Penguin armies.

      • Pern, don’t give him so much vocabulary. I already overloaded his small brain yesterday.

  9. I’m not saying you should give up. I want you to chip away at the large armies through productive, not hatefeul war. You know, the kind of war where armies occupy a server all day, fighting on Club Penguin. Use your armies to cripple the other army’s nation. Stop the war of hate through WordPress that you attempt to justify through accusations that we’re “dictatorships.”

  10. this war looks fun.

  11. This post does have some truth in it. When a growing army takes the number one spot, the whole alliance does begin to threaten that army.

  12. Ok. Nice using the Command and Conquer alien worshipers sign as your symbol. Who do you worship. Didn’t your mama tell you that aliens were fake.

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